Who We Are

About Company

Sustainable Debt Collection with Consumer-First Focus

Cypress Financial Recoveries, LLC (CFR) is a debt collection company that specializes in collecting receivables that have been chargedoff by either the credit originator or another debt servicing organization. We believe that putting our consumers needs first will lead to a smoother relationship between us and the consumer, effectively enhancing collection efforts sustainably.

Our Commitment to Quality Collection Services

Reaching Success Through Respect and Excellence

Our commitment to treating customers and clients with respect and integrity, as well as our quest for excellence in collections, compliance, and customer service, has helped us achieve success in the marketplace. In addition, our stateoftheart online collection software gives us a key advantage over older and ever more outdated collection systems and methods.

What We Do

Empowering Clients with Transparency and Automated Features for Streamlined Workflows

We value transparency, allowing the client to see exactly what is going on with their accounts, and have developed features such as a debt calculator to help customers determine the amount they are able to pay us based on their income, as well as a feature that suggests the most appropriate (minimum) monthly payment amount to the customer. Furthermore, our robust media handling streamlines our workflow, eliminating missingmedia related discrepancies and allowing for accounts to pass on to the next workphase much quicker.

Managing Debts with Ease

On our website, you can find helpful tips and resources to help you manage your debts, as well as links to any relevant laws and regulations related to debt buying. We are here to help you every step of the way.