Overview of our services…

We make sure that your accounts get collected on effectively, by working them on a granular level while considering each legal step and phase of the collection process. Unlike most large collection agencies and law firms who are only capable of working their portfolios on a batch level, resulting in large gaps in the collection spectrum, we pay attention to the details.

Thanks to many years of experience from outsourcing to different collection agencies and law firms, we have realized why very large companies are not capable of effectively working very large amounts of accounts in a way that is of advantage to smaller-middle size companies. Due to the number of accounts these big agencies and firms work, they function more like a sifter with big holes. A lot of potential collections falls through those holes. This is currently a growing pain for smaller size companies in the collection industry who place their accounts with large companies.

Manager of Consumer Debt Portfolios

State of the Art Collection Software

Our state-of-the-art online collection software, (developed by us and regularly updated to comply with CFPB proposed rules and regulations) gives us a key advantage over older and ever more outdated collection systems and methods. In fact, most of the trouble and setbacks that other companies run into during their collections are related to the old model of collection they are founded on. Some have found ways to patch the holes and work around the key issues that inhibit collections, hoping to comply with CFPB rules and regulations.  Still, their old and too often outdated models of collection make their entire enterprise slow and undynamic.


Transparency is something we value at CFR; allowing the client to see exactly what is going on with their accounts. We want the clients to feel that we take them seriously and that, while we are doing our job, we never the less value their needs.

Customer Centric Service

Furthermore, our new technology gives the consumer the ability to view (limited information) and pay their accounts online. Features like a debt calculator help customers determine the amount they are able to pay us based on their income, while another feature will suggest the most appropriate (minimum) monthly payment amount to the customer. That way we help the customer pay off his debt without being a existential burden to them.

Robust Media Handling

Robust media handling further streamlines our workflow, eliminating missing-media related discrepancies. Our media handling is largely automated, using a Media-Portal to upload and download media and offering the availability to run reports. This is one of the largest weaknesses and bottlenecks for many companies. Running reports on accounts is now a breeze, allowing for accounts to pass on to the next work-phase much quicker.