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There are different types of files that can be uploaded to CFR’s portal. 

  • Remit Files (Remit XLSX)
  • Costs Files (Costs XLSX)
  • YGC Date
  • Media Request Template
  • ImagesToCFR

Remit Files

When uploading a remit file, please continue to use the same remittance template you have used in the past.

Cost Files

When uploaded a cost file, please continue to use the same cost template you have used in the past.

YGC Data

The format for daily maintenance files have not changed, you will continue to use the same format as in the past.

Media Request

The media request template has changed. Please contact our office for a copy of the new template.

Images to CFR

Images uploaded to the portal should have a certain naming convention for the document to be processed accordingly. If you use a certain naming convention and would like us to use your naming convention, please send of a list of the naming convention you use and we will incorporate them into our system.

Initiating a File Transfer

When you would like to start a file transfer, you will need to click on the “Create File Transfer” button.

You will be brought to a page that asks for certain options to be clicked so that file may be processed accordingly.

File Transfer Type

Here you will need to chose what type of file you would like our system to process.


Here you will need to type your name so the system can understand who is making the file transfer. If you are using a global login, please make sure to put the name of the global login.


In this field we ask that you add the naming convention of the file you are uploading.

Upload File

Here you will need to choose the file you want to upload and process.


Here you will need to choose your companies YGC ID.

Processing the File

You will have two options when processing a file. “Create & Add Another” can be used if you need to upload and process more than one file. “Create File Transfer” can be used if you are only uploading and processing one file.

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