Payment Questions

You can make a payment by calling us or sending a payment through the mail.

You will be sent a letter advising that your account has been paid in full or settled in full.

Currently, we accept payments by check or money order. We are working to offer an online payment system soon.

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Global Questions

When a lender doesn‘t receive payment on an account for at least 180 days, or if payments are less than the monthly minimum, they maydecide to close the account and turn it over to collections. In this case, the original creditor has sold your pastdue account to CypressFinancial Recoveries, LLC. We will be responsible for working with you to resolve your debt obligations. Our team is dedicated to helpingyou find a payment solution that works for your financial situation.

If you are struggling financially, we may be able to suspend collection activities on your account. Please contact us and provideinformation about your hardship, such as job loss, natural disaster, medical issues, or other hardships. We will then note your accountwith the details.

We will send you a letter with details about the account once we begin servicing it. This letter will explain your rights as a consumer. Ifyou still have questions, you can contact one of our Account Managers for assistance through our live chat feature.

It is important to let us know or have your attorney contact CFR straight away if you or someone on your account has filed forbankruptcy.

If you need to report identity theft, you can provide one of the following documents: a completed police/incident report, a notarizedaffidavit of fraud or identity theft, or an Identity Theft Report generated from the federal government‘s website at identitytheft.gov. Youcan also submit any correspondence to or from previous creditors related to the identity theft.

To authorize a third party to communicate with us about your account, please contact us directly and we will provide you with thenecessary steps to grant permission.

If you would like to grant permission for us to communicate with a third party about your account, please contact our Customer Careteam. You can reach them through our Contact Us page and they will be happy to help.